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Outer Banks Waterfowl Hunting

Fish and fowl charters runs most of their guided duck hunts in the currituck sound. With a few various blinds to hunt we can change our locations each day to try and get the best hunt for that days winds and bird patterns. With most of our blinds being open water with surrounding islands we can shoot a wide variety of birds from diver ducks to puddle ducks and even swans. Of course every day is a different hunt depending on weather patterns and wind. If the birds aren’t flying you will at least get to enjoy a warm breakfast provided to you by your guide. Shooting is 30 minutes before sunrise each day and we will do our best to try and get you some good shooting. We recommend shooting a 3 1/2 inch number 3 shot or number 2 shot. We will provide decoys, breakfast, bird retrieval, and boat ride for your hunt. We recommend bringing drinks, foul weather gear, snacks, shells, a North Carolina hunting license, and signed duck stamp.


$200 per hunter

Waterfowl Hunting Outer Banks, NC

Looking for an adventurous and exciting activity to do on your tropical vacation while visiting Outer Banks, NC?. Fish N Fowl Charters has plenty to offer visitors and Carolina residents if you’re interested in trying something familiar (or new.) when it comes to waterfowl hunting in the OBX area. 


Captain Zac Coyle and his crew are experienced in waterfowl hunting and dedicated to giving you and your family the hunting experience of a lifetime. 


If you’re a beginner and this is your first duck hunting opportunity, Fish N Fowl Charters has the tools and background to guarantee a catch for even the most unfamiliar participants. 


If you’re not very interested in waterfowl hunting and are just tagging along for the peaceful journey, Fish N Fowl will make sure that your experience is just as superior as the hunters’ because our mission and dedication is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves while spending a day with us.

Waterfowl Hunting Availability

Dates Marked Busy Are UNAVAILABLE. No Availability On Sundays.
Call for more information.

Go Waterfowl Hunting with Fish N Fowl Charters.

Whether you’re an expert at duck hunting or just along for the venturesome journey, Fish N Fowl Charters is the perfect waterfowl hunting guide in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, area. 


As local guides, Zac Coyle and his crew have done this once or twice before, so we’re familiar with which surrounding areas are closed to hunters or swarming with waterfowl. 


Our established blinds are known to yield great results plus we’ll answer any questions, give you tips and pointers, and offer as much (or as little) hands-on help as you wish to ultimately make you more successful in your waterfowl hunting experience. 


Whether it’s for a few hours or an entire day, Fish N Fowl makes it easy and enjoyable for visitors to get the most out of your day of hunting and unwinding.


Go Waterfowl Hunting with Fish N Fowl Charters.

Fish N Fowl Charters runs most of our guided duck hunts in the shallow, narrow sea channel of the Currituck Sound, which is a protected inlet of the Atlantic Ocean located just north of Outer Banks, NC. 


Outer Banks is a string of islands off the blue coast of North Carolina that are considered to be nothing short of a duck hunter’s paradise. The countless ducks, geese, and other water birds that rest, nest, feed, and winter throughout these islands will cluster around sounds, bays, ponds, pool, and open ocean, providing hunters with a great opportunity to land some waterfowl. 


And Fish N Fowl Charters promises you that the tranquil ocean views aren’t so bad either. 


Imagine sipping a cold drink on a spacious boat in the middle of the fresh sea and Carolina heat.


At Fish N Fowl Charters, we offer various hunting blinds allowing us to change our location throughout the day in order to get the best hunt for that day’s wind and bird patterns. Most of our blinds are open water so you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing boat ride throughout your waterfowl hunting experience. The surrounding islands in the area offer hunters a variety of birds to pursue from diver ducks, paddle ducks, and even swans.


Like we mentioned, each day is a different hunt depending on the weather and wind patterns but don’t get discouraged. Captain Zac Coyle is experienced and knowledgeable enough in duck hunting to give you the waterfowl hunting experience you’ve always dreamed of.


Shooting is 30 minutes before dawn so even if the birds aren’t flying that day, you’ll still get to experience a gorgeous Carolina sunrise on top of everything else Fish N Fowl Charters has to offer you during your adventurous waterfowl hunting journey.


OBX Waterfowl Hunting Season Limits

The precise starting and closing hunting dates vary from year to year, but here are the most updated OBX duck hunting seasons and limits:


Ducks, Coots, and Mergansers

o   October 2nd - 5th

o   November 16th – December 2nd

o   December 14th – January 31st

o   Daily bags are limited to six ducks total


Sea Ducks

o   November 23rd – January 31st 

o   Each hunter can bag five sea ducks daily


Dark Geese (including Canada geese and white-fronted geese)

o   January 16th – 31st, by permit only

o   You may bag one Canada goose and one white-fronted goose daily


·Light Geese (including snow geese and Ross’s geese)

o   October 8th – February 8th

o   You can bag up to 25 per day, with no possession limit

o   With a valid permit, you can also enjoy the extended hunting season between February 10th and March 31st, complete with extra shooting hours plus unlimited bags and possession 



o   December 28th – January 31st

o   A daily bag limit of one


Tundra Swans

o   November 9th – January 31st

o   A daily bag limit of one with a valid permit


Outer Banks, NC, offers a wide variety of birds when it comes to waterfowl hunting and Fish N Fowl Charters is here to help you get your hands on one. (Or two…or three…).

Waterfowl Hunting Guides

At Fish N Fowl Charters, it’s our pleasure and mission to get fellow visitors great shooting. You came to us for an amazing waterfowl hunting experience and we’re honored to be your trusty guide. We recommend that your best bet is shooting a 3 ½ inch number 3 shot, or number 2 shot, based on what you’re comfortable with.


Fish N Fowl Charters will provide visitors with:


·      Various Decoys

·      Hearty Breakfast

·      Bird Retrieval

·      Relaxing Boat Ride

·      Waterfowl Hunting Journey of a Lifetime.


All that we recommend hunters to bring are drinks, foul weather gear, snacks, shells, a North Carolina hunting license, and signed duck stamp. Other than that, we’ll take it from there. 


If this is your first rodeo and you don’t have any official foul weather gear or camouflage, don’t fret. Neutral colors like brown and tan are ideal for waterfowl hunting and should increase your odds of catching something. 


If you’re planning on hunting all day, snacks and drinks are a must, along with a sizeable cooler for all the ducks you’ll be bringing home from your great experience with Fish N Fowl Charter.


Fish N Fowl Charter's price is $200 per hunter and the duration of hunting varies per group.

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