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Dolphin Tours North Carolina

Fish and Fowl Charters offers a way for you and your family to make a dolphin encounter part of your next vacation or outing with our dolphin tours in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Our dolphin tours last between one and a half to two hours and are fun for the whole family. Experience close encounters with dolphins that will circle and cruise around passengers  setting you up for some amazing photo opportunities.

Dolphin Tours in North Carolina
Dolphin Tours Outer Banks North Carolina

Dolphin Tours in North Carolina are a wonderful experience, allowing you to see all of the wildlife and beauty that makes up the Outer Banks firsthand. The Outer Banks is an ideal place to take a dolphin tour to learn about these miraculous creatures as this is their natural habitat.

Dolphin Tours in Outer Banks
OBX Dolphin Tours

Friendly and always traveling in groups, a pod of dolphins is an amazing sight and is one of the best photo opportunities that you will find in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Fish and Fowl Charters dolphin tour takes you on an adventure that is fun for the whole family. Make memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

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